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So, here we are in Goa, united.

Andrew has finally arrived and the fellowship has evolved into a series of discussions, debates and ideas around the teak table here on front verandah at People Tree, Goa.


• Local and temporarily-local residents, designers and artists speak easy around anonymous bottles of fenny.

• People Tree by Night

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By Churnjeet

On 31, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In | By Churnjeet


On the second day, we had an excellent meeting at CRCI with a guy designing a new website for CRCI on the Grand Trunk Rd. Well, excellent and sort of disastrous all at the same time. A lot of the functions we imagined for the app are already being covered by the website. AHHHHHH. It’s entirely fitting to think about going back to the drawing board in an architect’s office. We thought about adding to the website in some way and also perhaps trying to reach a different kind of audience.

We plundered CRCI’s offices for whatever we could get: maps, historical information, contacts, anything. We were definitely a chaotic blip in the office’s otherwise serene and focussed operations. We also had the film crew with us (who were going to be travelling with us to Punjab) who added another layer of conspicuous disorder to CRCI. Gurmeet loaded us with contacts, gave us some parting words, and off we went to get together the remainder of our kit. CRCI staff are joining us later in the field.

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